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Spinach, leek and white bean Summer soup

Spinich (3) Spinich White beans Spinich soup Spinich and canellini bean soup Spinich and white bean soup



Summer soup.


Because I think soup is super important all year ’round.


In our home we eat soup at least two to three times a week. Yes even when its hot; it’s always hot.


Soup makes you feel cozy and loved up on the inside. It slides down into your belly with a warmth only the kindest cuddle from a loved one could emulate.


I made this soup a few weeks ago for the first time. Just one spoonful of this humble and honest soup put the biggest smile on the face of my loved ones.


I’m certain it will do the same for you.










2 leeks

2 cloves garlic

2 stalks celery

2 white banana peppers (optional)

3 large potatoes (I used Royal Blue)

2 x 400g cans organic white beans/cannellini beans

1 bunch silver beat spinach

1.5-2L chicken stock/broth (or vegetable stock to make recipe vegan/vegetarian)

dash of apple cider vinigar

Salt and Pepper

Olive oil


Place chopped leek into a large pot with a little olive oil. Cook down until softened and fragrant, adding a little more olive oil if needed. Add chopped garlic, celery and peppers and sauté  for 3-5min. Then add the diced potatoes and continue to cook for 5min. Pour in chicken/vegetable stock and apple cider vinegar . Start with 1.5 L, adding more depending on how watery you like your soup. Bring soup to the the boil and then turn down and allow to simmer until potatoes have softened and cooked through. Stir through rinsed white beans and chopped spinach.  Allow to cook for a further 5-10min – depending on how you like you spinach cooked. Season with salt and pepper to taste and garnish with fresh parsley or chives.

Serves 6







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