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It’s not my real kitchen, cookies.

Choc+Salt+pistachio+glutenfree+cookies Choc+Salt+pistachio+glutenfree+cookies Choc+salt+pistachio+glutenfree+cookies Choc+Salt+pistachio+glutenfree+cookies Choc+Salt+pistachio+glutenfree+cookies

Many of you would know by now that I’ve jumped ship, moved across the country and am setting up camp on the West Coat. So far, it’s been awesome. The sun doesn’t stop shining, the ocean is at my doorstep and I no longer have to drive two hours to do my groceries.


Unfortunately, what has been not so awesome is having to make do with only the limited belongings that we carted over here in our car. We are currently living in temporary accommodation as we wait to be assigned our new permanent address. Meanwhile all our stuff is sitting in a shipping container a five minute drive away – talk about a tease.


First world problem, right? I know. And to be completely honest I think I’m doing pretty well. You see, I’m not missing my clothes, or even my bed (not to mention that my fully gown self and far from petite other half are sharing a double bed, on wheels, ON TILES)!


What I am missing the most by far is my kitchen. My food processor, my knifes and graters, my baking tins! In the short time that we have been here I have already helped myself to a friends kitchen to bake on multiple occasions, not to mention having spent countless hours trying to devise a way to make things using the limited equipment available to me in mine. Problem is, no matter how hard I try, it always results in the same thing – cookies. Always cookies. Lots of cookies. An endless supply of cookies. A different flavour cookie for each day of the week. That’s heaps of cookies.


It should be known that I was generously allocated the space (amongst the limitless area dedicated to fishing gear in the car) to bring one kitchen appliance with me. Thankfully, I chose my Bamix.


Did I mention that I only have one mixing bowl? That doubles as a salad bowl, marinating bowl and fruit bowl?


Ok seriously, on a more positive note, I really do appreciate having to make do with much less. I hate waste and despise being wasteful, so going without shows me even more how much we don’t even need half contents of our homes in order to live comfortably.


But that doesn’t change the fact that all I long for right now is my muffin tins, Kitchen Aid and a toaster that doesn’t set the smoke alarm off.


So until then, make these cookies. They are amazingly chewy chocolatey and salty – a new obsession of mine.




1/4 cup each buckwheat, almond, millet and plain (gluten free) flour

1/2 cup roasted and salted pistachios, shelled and roughly chopped

1/2 tsp baking powder

a pinch of pink Himalayan salt

50g organic butter (can sub for 50mL coconut oil if preferred)

1/3 cup maple pure organic maple syrup

1 egg

1/4 tsp vanilla paste or 1 tsp vanilla extract

20g dark chocolate, roughly chopped – I used Lindt 85% cocoa


Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Melt the butter and set aside to cool slightly. Combine the flours, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Add the maple syrup and egg to the butter and stir. Then add the butter mixture to the flour mixture gently stir to combine. Before fully mixed together, add in the chopped pistachio’s and chocolate and stir through. Spoon on baking paper lined tray, leaving enough room between each for the mixture to spread. Lightly press down on each with a wet fork before placing in oven. Cook 15 minutes or until golden.

Makes appox. 15 cookies


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  • Jasmine | The Gluten Free Scal

    Elisa, I know how you feel (or by now, felt) as our move was somewhat similar only it was a kitchen reno stopping us from proper use of a kitchen for about 2months. I hope you’re loving the West Coast, as I miss it more these days than I used to. Love these cookies, I’m a sucker for a good cookie.