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’cause I giveafork about the fish in the sea

Baked Flathead Give a Fork Baked Flathead Give a Fork

I first came across the wonderful work the crew over at SUSTAINABLE TABLE were doing through their book, Sustainable Table. It arrived in my letterbox as a gift from my beautiful friend Bec just a couple of months ago.


Let’s just say, I was hooked right away. I spent the whole afternoon with my eyes glued to the pages, reading inspirational stories and recipes by the extraordinary people featured in the book. Equally extraordinary, however not so inspiring, were the frightening statistics and information bites I came across in the book regarding the implications of our current food production and consumption behaviours.


Did you know, that while a billion people starve, we waste enough food to feed three billion! In Australia alone, it is estimated that we waste $5.2 billion worth of food each year!! That’s just crazy.


The main themes at the core of this great not-for-profit organisation are


– To buy local and organic where possible

– Support ethically and sustainably farmed meat and seafood

– Eat mainly vegetarian

– Waste not, want not


And I bet you just read through those points and thought to yourself, yeah, Ok Elisa, perhaps in an ideal world where I could ‘afford’ all organic meat, have the ‘time’ to grow my own veggies and ‘satisfy’ my dietary needs with only vegetarian meals it would be possible, but that’s not my reality.


You see, the problem is that we keep turning a blind eye to our reality. And as a result, in this day and age we still have the majority of the 300,000 female breeding pigs being kept continually pregnant inside confined sheds until their body cannot take any more, nearly half a billion chickens continuing to be housed in factory farms in Australia every year and we just keep swallowing a heap of poisonous chemical and pesticides along with the steamed broccoli on our plate at dinner time.


But the good news is, is that it doesn’t have to remain this way. If we, in our daily lives, begin to make even the slightest change with what we eat, buy and waste, and educate ourselves and each other about what we can do to make a difference, I have no doubt in my mind that we will reap the rewards this beautiful planet has to offer today and into the future.


This year, the Sustainable Tables’ fundraising campaign  focus was on conserving the ocean and raising awareness about sustainable seafood and how we as consumers can make smarter, more ethical choices when we visit our local fishery. It involved hosting a dinner party for family and friends with the main ingredient being sustainable seafood.


How genius!


Greatly disappointed by the fact I was going to be away on a trip back to my home town (staying with my parents) during the dates of the fundraiser, I quickly urged my mother to email her friends and invite them to dinner so that I could host a Give a Fork party from her kitchen!


And so I did. Eight guests arrived at the door as though on set and filming for My Kitchen Rules (appropriately so, as there were a few My Kitchen Rules like near disasters in the kitchen!).


The Menu

Sydney Rock Oysters

Smoked Rainbow Trout with quark and chive canapé

Roasted capsicum and feta canapé


Grilled King Prawns with chilli lime dressing served with rocket and avocado


Baked Flathead fillets with tomato and fennel sauce served on garlic cannelleni beans mash, smashed roast potato and steamed green beans


Pavlova with vanilla cream and berries

Flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream


It was a delicious evening. Late, long, tiring, but ridiculously delicious.


I must send out a great big thanks to Sustainable Table for their awesome free host pack that was jam packed with info for my guests and for their wonderful work for encouraging people to jump on board and Give a Fork!


For more information on how you can make a difference by consciously choosing the fish you buy and eat click here.



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