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The smell of freshly picked parsley makes my heart sing.

The look on my love’s face with his first mouthful of lentil soup at dinner floods my body with warmth that would melt the greatest iceberg.
The gratitude I see in a friends eyes when I share the gift of food with them fills me with more joy than I could ever describe.
The moment I find myself standing in the kitchen only to realise that I didn’t follow the recipe, yet again, is the moment I remind myself I am perfectly imperfect.
The excitement pulsating through my veins when I wake up to a new day makes me burst out of bed with a readiness to create something the world has not experienced before.

My name is Elisa Trifunoski. I’m a young lady married to an awesome man that spoils me each and every day with more hugs than I ever thought possible.

Together we parent a small parrot with a giant attitude. My daily life is full of love, adventure, surprise and smiles. When all these elements align, real magic happens in my kitchen. I have a true love for moving my body in ways I never though I could and my preferred view of the world just happens to be to when I’m standing on my head.
I hang out here in MY REAL LIFE KITCHEN because the sight of fresh produce, the smell of toasted coconut and my need to create the crunchiest pork crackling began to get the better of me in the most inspiring way. I created this space to channel and share my thoughts, ideas, recipes and experiments.
I live by the rule of unless what is going into my body is making me the happiest and healthiest version of myself, it doesn’t get a chance to make it into my kitchen. For that reason, wheat/gluten, with the exception of oats, do not feature in my cooking. From time to time I will bake a cake that calls to ‘cream’ butter and sugar, but more often than not all sweet deserts are made using natural sweeteners.
So I thank you for visiting MY REAL LIFE KITCHEN and I hope you enjoy hanging out here with me!